The Superhuman Revolution: How the study of our DNA is revealing our true potential

Scientists at Oxford University have stated that less than 10% of our DNA is functional and over 90% is considered “junk DNA.” It is very difficult to believe that something as intricate and complex as DNA would be considered “junk.” Is it possible that the rest of our DNA is in hibernation, ready to be unlocked and reveal our true potential? Russian scientists think they may have the answer.

Russian scientist, Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues have been researching the more esoteric nature of DNA since the 1980s. Their latest research could explain supernatural powers such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous healings and more.

In one study they shot a laser beam through DNA, and when the DNA was removed a spiral of light was left behind. This effect is known as the “Phantom DNA Effect.”

They hypothesize that disturbances in the vacuum creates magnetized wormholes and connections between entirely different universes that are outside of space and time and the DNA can transfer bits of information back to our consciousness. This may explain how we can access intuitive abilities, heal our bodies, and perform other “miraculous” feats that seem to defy physics.

DNA emits light

Scientists in Russia are also discovering additional properties of DNA that are quite surprising. During a routine examination, Pjotr Garjajev observed light being emitted from DNA and managed to intercept photons from the DNA. He then transmitted photons from one organism (a frog embryo) to another organism’s DNA (a salamander embryo) causing the salamander embryo to turn into a frog!

Photons have been proven to communicate and switch body processes on and off, and DNA is known to be the central orchestrator.

DNA carries its own language

Research has also revealed that DNA contains its own language. Russian scientists and linguists discovered that our genetic code follows the same rules as all of our human languages. DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as a type of data storage that communicates with our entire body, and possibly, the universe at large.

This could be why our body and minds react so powerfully to affirmations, hypnosis, and NLP. DNA responds to language and releases this information to our cells.

Creation is generated by waves of consciousness

Is it possible that our creation was generated by waves of consciousness? Russian scientists believe so.

In an entirely new field of science known as Wave Genetics, scientists and researchers are coming to the conclusion that our “junk DNA” contains a rich infrastructure of super codes and wave communication. This model suggests that the human genome is part of a larger hologram of wave information reality. Our DNA not only provides information and communication to our cells to construct our bodies but possibly, to construct our entire reality. It seems to me that science and spirituality are finally merging and proving what yogis have been saying all along, our thoughts and emotions not only effect our world, but create it.

Is our DNA the key to unlocking our full potential?

Everyday science is coming closer to the revelation that we have the power to create our reality and we are capable of SO much more than we could ever imagine.

You are a part of this grand symphony of creation and Wave Genetics is one field of science that is revealing this to the world.

The superhuman revolution

There is a revolution happening, and you are a part of it. As we heal our bodies and minds through holistic efforts such as nutrition, exercise, love, gratitude, connecting with nature and serving our fellow human beings, we will begin to shift our genetic communication and create a new reality, together.

You have so much more power than you could ever imagine and it starts with changing your thoughts and emotions. This is the superhuman revolution and it starts with you.


Sarah Owens is a Bulletproof Coach, NLP master practitioner, Kundalini Yoga instructor and a passionate supporter of biohacking. After her health crashed in her 20s, she began to focus on holistic therapies, supplements, nutrition and nootropics to “hack” her way back to a state of health and balance.

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