My Top 7 Most Powerful Biohacks

First and foremost, if you are new to biohacking let me give you a brief background on what biohacking is. In simple terms, biohacking is the art of hacking our biology and environment in order to achieve a certain result, specifically, peak performance. The obsessive biohackers can be found with those funny yellow looking glasses, a light stuck up their nose (look up photobiomodulation if you want to go down the rabbit hole), or you can find them constantly chugging down coffee blended with copious amounts of fats, including butter. Yes, that’s right, butter in your coffee. Did I mention that we are weird? Welcome to the crazy world of biohacking. Now let’s have some fun.

In the biohacking world we are constantly pulled in a million different directions. There are so many tools and hacks that one can do that there is literally not enough time in the day to achieve them all. You will hear people yelling from the rooftops, you must fast!! You must wear blue blockers! You must take a thousand vitamins a day and sit in an ice pool for an hour! And the list goes on and on.

As a seasoned biohacker I often feel as if I’m going crazy trying to keep up with the slew of information thrown at me. Every single biohack has libraries of information you can read up on. I created this article because I want to simplify my top healing remedies and biohacks and guess what? They are almost all free!

I first want to point out this – life is meant for joy and fun. If we are not having fun then we are definitely doing something wrong. Biohacking should not be painful and we should never strive for perfection. Do what you can do and control what you can control is my motto. We all have busy lives and it can be difficult to include every single hack in a normal day. That’s why simplicity and routine are key. Our habits make us who we are.

I also believe that when it comes to transformation and healing we must incorporate mind body AND spirit. Therefore these top 7 biohacks include all three.


The top 7 most powerful biohacks


Self love – I believe love is the most powerful healer of all and if you want peak performance and an amazing life then it starts with loving yourself first.

Categorically gratitude, compassion and forgiveness can be lumped in with love. It is no secret that our minds are very powerful and the placebo effect is incredibly real. If we cannot love ourselves, if we cannot find gratitude and joy, if we are unable to forgive then “peak performance” will always be out of our reach.

The top biohackers (that truly practice what they preach) practice love, compassion and forgiveness on a daily basis. Their self-confidence doesn’t come from ego; it comes from love and service.

There are tons of studies and anecdotal evidence out there that supports the healing power of love. Honestly, just Google it. Love has been proven to reduce inflammation, cortisol and depression among many other things.

Part of loving yourself is being easy on yourself. Our society and the media are always trying to get us to believe that something is wrong with us. Maybe you don’t have the perfect butt or abs or understand every word of Jack Kruse’s intellectual ramblings.

Let me tell you, it’s ok! Part of biohacking is becoming an expert on YOU. If you can become a nicer, calmer and happier person through biohacking then that is awesome!

You don’t have to be a best selling author, a multi-million dollar business owner or create a following of 3 billion people to be considered a successful biohacker. If you feel a bit healthier and happier by tweaking a few things, then congrats! You are a successful biohacker.

Self -love starts with being easy on yourself, forgiving easily, playing and having fun. Allowing yourself to just be in the present. If you take away one thing from this site I hope it is this. So hug more often, give to others and love yourself like your life depends on it. In some cases, it truly does.


Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and the right tribe

People need people. There are many studies that show that loneliness can be just as dangerous as cigarette smoking. Correspondingly, strong social ties have been proven to lead to fewer colds, reduced blood pressure and lower heart rates.

Having awesome, supportive friends and a strong tribe also reduces overall stress and increases longevity. In the Blue Zone Studies researchers discovered that those people who lived to be over 100 years old had the strongest social ties and/or a spiritual community they could relate to.

The results are clear, loneliness kills. Quality time with quality people heals.

So go out and make plans with someone who uplifts you, develop a tribe or go out and start networking! Not only is it amazing for your health but you will feel joyful and less stressed as well.



It is no secret that moving your body feels good. Studies consistently show that exercise not only helps with aging but is also a powerful way to boost overall brain function and stave off depression.

For example, a recent study in California that looked at eight hundred thousand students between fifth to ninth grade proved that those who had the highest level of fitness also had the best test scores. Another study in Sweden measured the results of 1.2 million boys in military service and showed that there was a direct positive correlation between cognitive abilities and cardiovascular fitness.

Studies are also showing that exercise can treat many mental ailments including anxiety, addictions, ADD, and more.

Of course for the average person the idea of slogging your way to the gym every day just doesn’t sound, well, fun.

Good news is that most researchers agree that exercising outside is best for your health. And the best part is, my next favorite biohack is nature! Excellent, I love combining biohacks.


Nature & Sunlight

There is a reason why a lake front and beach front property always includes a high price tag and why we immediately feel better when we put our toes in the sand and stare at the crashing waves on the beach. There are LOADS of studies out there that show how powerful and healing nature is. For example, one Japanese research study revealed that a simple walk in the woods increased natural killer cells by a whopping 40% and their killer cells were still elevated by 15% over baseline 7 days later.

Korean researchers also made an incredible discovery and found that urban and city environments trigger feelings of anger and depression. Furthermore, natural settings seemed to have an extremely positive effect and would boost parts of the brain that were associated with calm feelings. Essentially, walking in the forest triggered similar results as receiving a drop of morphine. This is such a simple hack, especially if you hate the idea of meditation! Just take a walk in the grass and for extra benefits, go in your bare feet for the grounding benefits. Check out the benefits of grounding here.

Sunlight is another positive benefit of being out in nature. Contrary to what you may believe, sunlight is an extremely powerful healing tool that you should be including in your daily regimen. Especially naked sunbathing (now don’t be a prude here). There is a reason why ancient cultures worshipped the sun and it’s not because they were weird or less advanced than us. They inherently knew that the sun created LIFE. We need it to survive and the sun is not as scary what the mainstream media makes it out to be, in fact, it’s the opposite.


A few benefits of sunlight:


  • Vitamin D Production – we need sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. Although supplements are now widely available, they cannot completely replace sunlight. It is important to get some sunlight along with taking your Vitamin D supplement.
  • According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, when we are exposed to sunlight, our skin synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate, which is crucial for building a strong immune system.
  • The vitamin D3 that is produced when skin is exposed to sunlight is superior because it can travel freely through the bloodstream, unlike the vitamin D we take externally. You can learn more about Dr. Sneff’s work here
  • Disinfects wounds– this was discovered by Niels Finson in 1903 and German soldiers used sunlight to disinfect wounds during WWI.
  • Lowers blood pressure – Sunlight has been proven to lower blood pressure in those individuals that have high blood pressure. It is much more effective than statin drugs (which robs us of the necessary nutrients such as CoQ10).
  • Builds the immune system – Participants in studies discovered that their white blood cells were increased when exposed to sunlight.
  • Boosts mood and can cure depression – When we are inside all day we can be affected by something known as seasonal effective disorder (because of the lack of sunlight). Sitting outside in the sun is a natural remedy.
  • So all in all nature, sunlight, walking barefoot in the grass are not only good for us, they are great for us. It is unfortunate that researchers need to spend literally millions of dollars on a topic that seems so obvious.
  • Most people would agree that being in nature automatically shifts their attitude and improves their mood. So go outside, look at some trees, run around barefoot in the sun and reap the rewards (if you can do it naked without getting arrested even better!).


Clean water

Here is a surprising fact – almost 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. Dehydration can cause a number of surprising issues including bad breath, muscle cramps, fever-like symptoms, food cravings, and headaches.

Water is absolutely essential for life. Drinking water will help circulate precious nutrients throughout your body, it has been proven to reduce colon cancer by up to 45%, reduces brain fog, improves mood and athletic performance, aids in weight loss and much more!

Another amazing fact worth noting is that our brain is made up of almost 75% water. That is how important water is for peak performance.

I cannot emphasize the importance of getting enough clean water throughout the day. Aim for about half your body weight in ounces. If you are exercising, excessively sweating, or living in a hot climate it is important to up your water intake even more. And no, coffee does not count! Sorry Bulletproof friends.

When choosing a water source make sure to focus on the cleanest source possible. The most ideal water is spring water (also referred to as structured water). This water has amazing healing properties that I won’t get into at this time. At the bare minimum please get water that has been filtered using reverse osmosis. You can add minerals back in with mineral drops or a bit of sea salt.



Of course I couldn’t have an article with my top biohacks without talking about nutrition. Most of us today are chronically malnourished due to stress, a diet of processed food, excessive caffeine and alcohol intake and more. Without the right nutrients flowing through our body we will not perform at a level we are capable of.


I will share a few of my favorite supplements in this article and will provide a more extensive list in other articles.


My top supplements:

DHA & Omega 3 – Our brain is made up of almost 60% essential fatty acids. Many studies are proving that DHA (found in fish oil) is absolutely imperative for a healthy functioning brain. Approximately 8% of the human brain is made up of Omega-3 fatty acids, think that sounds small? Omega 3s are the building block for an estimated 100 billion neurons.

Research studies have also shown promising results when treating those with age-related  diseases with Omega 3s. An Omega 3 supplement has also proven that it can successfully treat depression as effectively as Prozac.

The bottom line is, if you want a healthy functioning brain then you need to eat high quality seafood (wild salmon or sardines) and take a high quality Omega 3 supplement.

My absolute favorite Omega 3 supplement at this time is Mitolife. It is a derived from freshwater algae (vegan) and is an ultra clean source of Omega 3s. Many Omega 3 supplements are not tested for heavy metals and oxidize when stored in heat. Mitolife is not only tested for impurities but it also has been proven not to oxidize in temperatures high as 130 degrees. I have been taking it daily and have been feeling incredible.

If you’d like to purchase Mitolife and support our effort at The Biohacking Hub you can click our referral link here:



If you want to be in a peak performance state then magnesium is an absolute must. Magnesium is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the Western world. I believe so much in the power of magnesium that I wrote a completely separate article discussing the importance of it. You can find that here.

Magnesium will not only give you more energy but it will help you sleep better, it will boost brain function, and aid digestion. It is used in over 300 different functions in the body. The bad news is that we are chronically deficient in magnesium because of stress, excessive caffeine and alcohol intake, and an overexposure to toxins. The good news is that we have access to some of the most amazing magnesium supplements on the market.

One magnesium supplement I recommend is by Dr. Carolyn Dean, creator of the RnA reset protocol. She has been researching magnesium for over a decade and has created one of the most absorbable, non-laxative magnesiums on the market. I highly recommend reading her research and familiarizing yourself with this amazing nutrient. You can find her supplement here. Note: I do not get an affiliate fee for recommending this product. I have yet to find a better product and I only want to bring the best advice and tools to my readers, regardless if I get paid or not.


And last but not least, one of my favorite biohacks….


Service to others

Turns out service and volunteering are not only just something nice you do for others, it can increase your health and longevity. A growing body of evidence is now showing that we truly reap what we sow and service to others can offer positive social, emotional and even physical benefits. This has also been referred to as the “activism cure.”

One study by the National Institute of Aging for example observed a group of 3600 people over the course of two decades. The results were clear that those who volunteer were happier and experienced better physical health and less depression.

Dr. Drew who leads the 40 Years of Zen training program in Seattle also suggests that true happiness comes from passion and service.


There you go! These are my top 7 biohacks that are (almost) all free! There are a million others I could write about such as fasting, cold thermogenesis, and more.

The good news is you can explore these topics on this site and out there in Google Land.

The wonderful thing is most of these are extremely easy to add to your regimen!

You can walk outside barefoot in nature, get some sunlight and better yet, do it with a friend or two!


Hope you have an incredible day.